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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Woyww #136 beware utter chaos

Happy wednesday everyone...its been a long time since i joined in at WOYWW so thought id drop by and share with you the chaos that is my work area lol....beware it truly is a complete mess !!!!!!

I have quite a few piccies to share with you lol so grab a cuppa!!!

here are my new stamps that have recently arrived they are from papermakeup in the states and they are having a massive sale die to stopping doing rubber stamps and going all may want to have a nosey HERE they have a fab array of gorgeous sentiments and word art as well
Here is my top shelf area lol all my best stash goes up there away from prying eyes lol or in my case a 6 and 2 year old, the black unit is a cd rack the wrong way round lol and that in the distande is a spice rack with ym yummy buttons in!!
can you see all my lovely stampin up supplies? my stamps and punches are thier too
 A vision of utter disarray here papers flung all over the place lol yesterday was a chaotic session lol
 here is a piccie of my ribbon box and my 6x6 and mixed papers oooh and a sneek peek at my martha stewarts
 Also i thought id share the love to my die cutting stuff, i love my cuttlebug and have had it for couple or 3 years now but until recently didnt use it often as it was a faff to get it out, but ive rearranged and popped it right by my desk, can you see that bit of green in the corner lol....there she is, also can you see my evergrowing nestie collection? and my beloved sakura pens i love those and do all my faux stitching with them,
 Crikey can you see what i have to work with lol here is where i keep all my envelopes and card blanks in the grey drawers and the colourful ones at the back keep safe my a4 card stock
 Last but not least.............are ya still with me lol????? this litlle lot is under my desk where my feet are supposed to go lol, who cares about feet i need more space lol, all my stickles/inks etc etc gors into them drawers and all those 15 storage boxes have stamps in them, also i keep stamps on the shelves and in the big drawers as well, i have millions and millions lol im a lover of the greeting farm/lily of the valley/magnolias and pretty much any really
Oooooh i hope i havent bored you silly with those pics, im afraid im not lucky enough to have a room of my own i gave that up for my youngest son lol....well he couldnt stay sleeping in a moses basket all his life lol, i will get a room of my own eventually but will be few years as we will have an extension and then i get a proper room lol but for now i am happy in our bedroom as i have i nice big corner of our room lol.
Anyway thanks for stopping by please leave me some love and i will do my best to pop by say thankyou
hugs xx


Judie aka Craftymess said...

yeah another messy space lol, mines awful today, Try to keep it tidy but hey ho it never happens - happy woyww

Sarah said...

Ooh, lots of loveliness there .... love your cd tower on its side for storage .... thanks for sharing! x

C said...

Sandra thank you for sharing your creative space with us today...Mine is a nightmare and beyond showing, but I always take comfort in seeing others....unless they are neat and tidy and oh-so-organised. In a crafter that is just not natural LOL
Have a creative day

Nannieflash said...

Oops it looks as if you will have to have a tidy up, Im surprised you can find anything in that mess. hugs Shirleyxxx

May said...

Lots of crafty goodies busy Bee area, enjoy!! Hugs May x x x

MvM-design said...

Thanks for sharing your desk.
Happy WOYWW!!
Hug Marleen ;-) #4

Elizabeth said...

I am stunned that you have managed to fit all that into a space in your bedroom and I'm glad you have that extension to look forward to. Loved all the photos and thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Elizabeth x #96

Clare with paint in her hair said...

I saw the first pic of the desk and thought that's not so bad, but then it gets worse LOL have fun cleaning all that up!

Sam said...

OMG Sandra - how many stamps does one girl need? Don't answer - all of them!! I thought I had a few. LOL!!
She who dies with the most wins ey!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the tip on the sale. Looks like you got some great new stuff! Happy WOYWW! --Meechelle #114

inkypinkycraft said...

Wow, lots of fab goodies!! Love the storage, hugs trace x

Dora said...

awww all those goodies he he .. no mess to me :)

JoZart said...

Now I really thought it wasn't too bad until I got to those pink and green drawers and now I know you can match mine. You've just been braver than me and owned up to a lot more!!! Well done to you!
joZarty x
+Thanks for popping by

Kim Dellow said...

Chaos is good Sandra! Love all your storage boxes! Happy WOYWW from #57! Kim

505whimsygirl said...

I just saw a cd rack (wicker) at the thrift store and I knew there was something I could use it for but then I talked myself out of it.... Hmm, wonder if it'll still be there Saturday.

Love all the mess... er, I mean, stash! hee hee


Lisa-Jane said...

A 6 and a 2 huh? I have a 5 and a 2 and they sure do love to come and mess with my loveliness! You have a lot of stuff and I thought you had your own room... I hope your OH is understanding! And darn those kids for getting bigger and needing a read bed.

EELS said...

Oooh Sandra I would love to be let loose in your craft space and tidy it up - I hate chaos myself and I guess you could say my craftroom is super neat & tidy but then I do have my own room lol. I'm amazed you can find anything ha ha.
Anyway thanks for sharing your pics I really loved viewing.

Katie said...

I don't have a room of my own either. I did before I left my parent's house, but now, its all over in my living room! My boyfriend says he will never ever let me not have a scrap room again, because he hates the mess!

Happy WOYWW! Katie #10

Bridget Larsen said...

You sure have a small desk but plenty of stuff to work with LOL
Bridget #18

L00py's Craft Creations said...

I'm seeing how many I can get round this way.then when I have finished I'll come back again, that is if I can STOP reading all the posts first Happy WOYWW


Stacey said...

Wow that is rather a full desk!!! I could always take some spellbinder dies off your hands to help clear some space lol!!!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

I don't really have a room of my own either. I am right next to the front door in the living room but isn't the living room for living?

You have some impressive piles of stuff happening but it looks like you could have lots of fun in there.

The Crafty Elf said...

Oh... you make us feel good with your creative space! Some of those tidy people freak me out a little somedays! I am sitting here with my feet wedged between a garbage pail and a printer....loads of room. LOL Thanks for the visit today, Happy WOYWW

Erika said...

Mine space is even messier I'm embarrassed to say. Yours looks a very productive space, thanks for sharing.
Hugs Erika.

Katie said...

I'd love to sort through all that crafting stuff!! Haha...another messy place!

Katie (159)

fairy thoughts said...

Caos, all looks good to me, you have a lot of stuff in a small space. I had to loose kids to get my room. . .but they are happy so it was worth it. . .be patient, the time will fly soon enough!
thanks for your comments

Leanne said...

AAAAHHH I wanna come to your craft room!!! It looks amazing!!!

Leanne #29

Neet said...

Cor Blimey - what a lot of stuff and what a lot of different storage ideas. Love the spice rack for the buttons.
Thanks for sharing all the areas of your room and for commenting on my blog - Hugs, Neet xx

Sarah said...

That's one fabulous space and full of so many crafty goodies - there's creativity in the chaos! Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space...Sarah at 6

Sarah said...

That's one fabulous space and full of so many crafty goodies - there's creativity in the chaos! Thanks for the peek in to your crafty space...Sarah at 6

Enfys said...

Sorry I'm a day late, but lovely to see a nice busy desk! I loved my peek at your space, such a lot of great goodies

bohemiannie! art said...

Well, with 2 young children...I think you're doing Great!