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Sunday, 30 November 2008

my little boys crafting at pre-school

Isnt this just the cutest thing you ever seen? my little boy who isnt quite 3 yet came home from pre-school with this piece of art, i was quite surprised as

its really good for his age i actually checked to see if it was his but it was, he was soo pleased with himself too. it thought id put it on here as i would consider it crafting lol. what do you think? do i have a budding crafter on my hands?Photobucket

new baby card

this is a card i made for a member of the family, i used the jollynation new mum decoupage sheet, i think its really nice, and my dovecraft kids backing paper, silver peel offs for the name etc.

they were really pleased with it as id put babies name and weight on it to make it personal. it was a quick fix to be honest as id forgot about the card, but i think it turned out alright?

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

more blog candy

over on there is 1 woj stamps being offered as candy but to TWO people, how great is thatPhotobucket

Friday, 21 November 2008

just a chat

well i went to put my christmas cards on my blog for you too see and my daft hubby had deleted them grrr, what can you do he's only a man, luckily he had saved them to his laptop first but i am still waiting for him to copy them on to mine so i can show them to you.

also ive not been around much lately as ive been concentrating my time trying to sell some of our unwanted new and used stuff on ebay to try and help pay for this christmas, so must apologise if there hasn't been alot of activity here lately,

im off for a mexican tonight with my work friends and im hoping to wind down and chill out iin the process? and get cracking with my cards again,

ive also ordered a guillotine so still awaiting its arrival, im hoping to get it soon as im making some notebooks etc for christmas, anyway enough of the rambling i think, lolPhotobucket

blog candy givaway

i have just come across the most amazing blog candy givaway ever lol, debbie ove on has reached 12000 hits and as a thankyou to all her loyal visitors she is offering out some candy, im keeping my fingers tighly crossed as im yet to win anything blog candy/challenges etc (boo hoo) go over and take a peek and why not try your luck.Photobucket

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

new order (yay)

I'm really pleased with myself at the moment, when i went to work yesterday one of my colleagues bought a couple of my cards but also asked me to make her at least 10 for Xmas, i couldn't believe my luck as things have been a bit slow lately,you know what its like you have alot of work on one moment and nothing for ages lol. so Ive just got to get making them now, she just wants some of my more simpler designs so shouldn't take me too long to do, i need to go and get some stickles though because theres 2 colours i really want and don't yet have so I'm going to get some later. i will post some pics when i have made them to show you what Ive done,

happy crafting everyone xxx

Monday, 10 November 2008


well what am i like lol i managed to get everything on my blog about the award and forgot to put in the rules lol, well i thought it seemed to easy, anyway let me try again,

  • The rules are :1 The winner can put the logo on their blog :2 Link it to the person who gave it to them. :3 Nominate at least 7 more blogs :4 Put the links of the blogs on your blog :5 Leave a message on the blogs you have nominated.

well i think that's finally it????? thank you to Jane who kindly pointed this out for me as i wouldn't have realised otherwise. xxx

my very first award

well i have been honoured, i have been given my very first blog award from the lovely Jane at :// since i have never received one before and didn't know how to get it onto my blog lol it has taken me few days to post but I'm here now trying to do my bit, so if i make any mistakes please bare with me lol.

so here goes,7 the blogs i think should receive this award are:

so there you have it i hope i have done it right, have a great day everyone

new look for my blog

well how do you like my new blog face lift? i think it was well needed as it was a bit too pink, my very good friend Jilly at did it for me this morning over a cuppa, i picked all the elements but she applied them for me, I'm really pleased with it.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

two other cards ive made recently

here are 2 new cards i had a go at making, Ive been so busy of late that my card making has taken a bit of a back seat( unfortunately) but i thought id show you these for now, the top one has three of the trees 3d'd not that you can tell int he photo lol and the bottom one is a slider card,

all day christmas craftathon

a couple of weeks ago i went to an all day craft class where we concentrated on making Christmas cards, during the class we were shown 4 different type of folds (PICTURED ABOVE) to use when making our cards, we were supposed to be making 6 cards but due to far to much chatting (as you do) and a bit of a skill mix we just did the 4, it was a really good day and well worth the £30 as we had buffet dinner and drinks plus a goody bag at the end, this was all done by phill who is on the trimcraft forum but runs his own shop in notts and also has a online shop he sells penny black/woodware/BIA and loads of other treats we would all love to own lol,

Monday, 3 November 2008

not been around much this last week

Well its been a busy week for me, Ive have had a few nights out to go to and my little boy Alex is poorly with a cough and cold bless him he is only 3, and now i seem to be catching it too.
Also Ive been concentrating most of my time helping him with his potty/toilet training, he has been without a nappy for a week I'm so proud of him, considering he's ill he has done brilliantly.

On a more crafting note Ive finally had a play with my BIA which Ive had for few weeks, but i really need a guillotine to cut my own pages as Ive been struggling alot to make them all pristine, any advice in type would be appreciated lol, and also managed to do a couple of Xmas cards so not done too badly,