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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

woyww 108

You may wish to look away !!!!!!!! the mess that you are going to see you may never be able to forget lol, now im not lucky enought to have a craft room but i do possess a corner of our bedroom much to hubby's dismay,I thought id share this wityh you on WOYWW 108 there are lots of boxes/drawers etc but still i cant stay tidy lol

Here is the carnage of my latest crafting moments !!! I tend to leave drawers open so i can find my stuff easier lol, believe it or not im actually quite organised !!!!
Here is my work desk, ive been colouring in a fab some odd girl digi and popped my fave essential on there "glossy accents" ready to use on an ordered card,
if you can see it just in the corner there is an old spice rack which houses all my buttons in colour coordinated bottles

As you can see everything is all over the place at the mo, i have had few new bits an pieces of late and im still awaiting some new stamps and storage etc to be delivered form 3 or 4 different places lol, dont worry ive been ebaying to make some pennies to spend,
know i now my space isnt very inspiring but i thought id share as i havent done do for quite a while !!!

hugs xxx



Airing cupboard stamping said...

Yiour desk looks very creative. I love all the boxes of stuff can I come for a rummage lol?

Laura #61

Lisa-Jane said...

Looks like you are having fun there and being very busy. I'm no good at putting things away either!

KSD Creations said...

See, another person that scraps in the same space as their bed. I love figuring out the new storage system and ways to make it all work. Thanks for sharing your space and your projects.

Twiglet said...

I thought it was only me who left drawers open so I could see stuff!!!

Angie said...

Can I say that using one of those spice racks for bottons...or other small embelishments come I didn't see it ...junk shops here I come ...cant believe I threw my mums one out 10 years ago....grrrrr. xx

sasa said...

As long as you know your way around it and it's your mess - just fine. Looking busy - and creative today.
Hope you will call by Friday for the first My Mojo Monthly. Thanks for sharing today.
Sarah at 6.

Tertia said...

Lovely creative desk!

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo what a fab space Sandra! Love your creative mess :) Kim

jude said...

Your crafting area is cute.Mess youve not seen mine Sandra in the middle of carnage .thought id clearout sort out see if it inspires my mojo.Well found things forgot i had but as yet no mojo and no desk to craft as piled high 3 days later still sorting!
Anyways im sure i will get there just hope find mojo in process.Have fab creative week
hugs judex88

okienurse said...

Nice creative space you have singled out for yourself. I am a leave it open type of girl and I am so glad I have my own space so I can shut the door and not hear DH making his comments about the 'pit'. Vickie #39