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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Here is my desk this morning, with stuff strewn everywhere from last night lol, ive been trying to get more christmas cards done.

with some of my beloved nesties an my bug all over my bed lol,

On my desk is a few projects im working on at the mo, i dont have a very big desk so its not too bad today, but sometimes there is loads on there.
also as usual the drawers are still open lol,



Anonymous said...

Nice and busy Sandra, good to get a head start on those pesky Christmas cards too!


dandelion dreamer said...

Ah...but drawers HAVE to be open for quick access! Have fun playing. Moira

Lou and Mel said...

Nothing like spreading crafting stuff all over the room - you can see it better!
Have a great week.

Helen said...

Hope that's not the bed you have to sleep in! Great desk full of treasures.

sasa said...

wow - sharing your bed with your nesties! Good start on the cards!
sasa 10

Minxy said...

So i guess you call that your bed bug lol

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Great busy desk, have fun creating!


Craftgirl said...

Are you sleeping with your craft stuff? LOL
Have a great week.
Carol (111)

Carola Bartz said...

I love that fireworks paper (at least it looks like fireworks...)

S said...

Your desk might not be very big but it looks like there are enough goodies on there for big possibilities. Thanks for the peek. S #80

Candace said...

I spy lots of goodies to play with

Thanks for sharing

Hugs Candace
(late again hence #150!!!!!)

Neet said...

Was going to say it doesn't look much of a mess - then I spied the overspill onto your bed. Ah well, we all do it. Thanks for sharing. #142

Ciara said...

It must be a bit cramped in the bed with a hubby & all that crafty stuff! ;-)

Nesties - still thinking about getting some. I have various Quickutz frames & stuff but I do like the look of the nesties.

Sorry, I just started rambling there, I'll be off!


The Taming of the Glue said...

No good keeping it all in a'd never find anything! Pam (20)

LouDotMac said...

Thank you for your comment over on my blog for WOYWW!! Your space looks quite organised, and then you get to the photo of your bed!! Hehe, overspill has to be put somewhere right? That way you get to see it better!!

Hope to see your work space again next Wednesday.

Lou. xo

Julia Dunnit said...

He he - so when you cave in and go to bed - do you just move the stuff on the bed into a pile on your desk or do you put it all away and close the drawers? I know what I'd do!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought how tidy your desk, what's she talking about, then saw the bed and laughed. I was actually here earlier, but got that dreaded 503 error. Just came back to wish you a happy belated WOYWW (#2).

Holly said...

Great Space...Sorry I'm so late making my rounds from last week! You would love a OTT-LITE.. They make a huge difference when I'm crafting! Especially when I get my shade of one color mixed