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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

my spanish holiday in nerja - finally some piccies

Well i thought it about time i shown you some of my piccies, of course if i showed you them all you would be here all week as i took almost 500 lol,
So ive picked out a few for you to have a nosey at
Here is alex bless him you can just see him climbing on the R,Here is a very hot and sweaty me with kyle,A much cooler me in the pool with a sangria, (this was about 10.30pm)Some of the gang, the other fellas where out on their boys night out,Me with my 7 euro cocktailMy two stunning boys when we went out on a jeep tourAlex in the pool
Dan whilst we were out on the jeep tour, this was the walking bit and we both had a little hangover as you can see from his face lol, he later jumped into a very very cold man made pool with fresh water in to sober him up lol,Well there you go i do hope you liked my piccies
I hope to be uploading some more creations tomorrow after ive been to the hairdressers, so see you then xxx


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