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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

cricut vs pazzles

Im hoping some of you have some advice for me? my occasionally generous hubby has told me i can have either the cricut or the pazzles if i should so wish for christmas, but i dont know much about either, i know the pazzles is much more expensive, but some things id like to know is;
  1. do you still need to keep replacing mats/cutters etc for both?
  2. do you still buy cartridges for both?
  3. which is most cost effective over long term?
  4. and most of all those who have you use them or do they tend to sit on the shelf in favour of your bugs/bigshots etc.

Any help would be very appreciated, as im not 100% on wether to get one or not, i might get something else all together if i dont get enough info on them,

Thanks for reading xxxxx


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pinky said...

Oh Sandra, lucky you, something nice to look forware to. I got the cricut expressions 2 christmasses ago and I love it. I cute letters, leaves, flowers mostly. Sometimes cut swirls, just depends on the carts you have. I have not replaced my 1st blade yet, I used spray mount for my papers but used to spray my cutting mat which is not a good idea lol. I love the cricut, but don't know anything about the pazzles.