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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Long time no see - long post alert


Hi guys
I know i havent posted about our latest challenge at Creative craft challenges but i am away in chester on a training week for my new business, i havent had the time and have only been able to pop on now to let you know im busy lol,
Our new challenge at Creative craft challenges is a fab easy one and its all about ......
I have made a card for this but its not loaded on hubbies lappy and again time being of essence here and the dodgy wifi connection not sure if ill get it on lol,
Anyone that may no me knows i come from a nhs background and have always been employed, but my new business is a managerial commercial cleaning franchise business, hubby will be coming in with me eventually(seeing as he paid for the most part of it lol) and it will be a joint venture but for a 3-5 years i will be taking care of business as they say lol, hubby has his own 1 man band ltd company which is very succesful so i need to be bringing lots of pennies in gross net for him to give in contracting lol
to say im nervous would be an under estimation lol im terrified, being employed basically meant i was always told what to do, i felt safe knwoing anything that went wrong would fall to someone else!!!!
Not any more, i will be managing/delegating and actually cleaning for now, but before christmas will have staff to pay and train up, im cacking myself lol
We have had a chaotic day today and only got in from 9.30 this morn at 7.30pm tonight as we had a full days practical with the buffers and carpet cleaners, stripers etc etc, then we went to do an actual office clean,
so i called and got us some beautiful sauvignon blanc to celebrate and as i type we are chilling in our hotel room drinking every last drop lol,
we shall be back at head office by 9.30 in the morning ready for day 4 of training,
then by monday morning at home i need to prep our home for the office i need to organise, then by week on monday i shall be meeting my first customer and getting to work!!!
our first contract is near derby county pride park football club so will be fun in bad traffic lol,
We have ordered our new van a vauxhall vivaro sportiva which i am part exing my zafira for (thats very sad as i love my zafira, we had to get a crew cab van so kids an me could use in the week, it has been chose special though with the spec we want so we dont get it till nvember, And today ive given dublcheck my deets so they can make my business cards and id cards, then when the van comes it will get liveried with my name all over lol, its soooo odd to me as i have always been told what to do and been happy with that lol,
anyway sorry for the long post but im sure you have gathered by now that im excited and frightened to death at the same time and wanted to get it out of me lol
anyway off i go to finish my sauvignon an get ready for bed for tomorrows new day lol
hugs and my apologies for the droning on lol

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coops said...

wow its sounds like you are really busy at the mo. wishing you every success with your new business :D

xx coops xx