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Thursday, 31 May 2012

look what we have been upto

good evening all, ive been a bit lacking in my blog this last few weeks, its been chaos here as we have been busily organising our jubillee party at school and our summer fayre also, alot of my time has been taken by my ptfa duties lol, if im honest im loving it!!
so here i am sharing a few pics with you on our last weekend in the sun, me and my gorgeous family having fun,
some rando piccies lol, here is my back yard i know its not fancy or massive but we have worked hard on making it great for the kids to play in safe and sound,
and another random pic of my apple tree lol, with kyles kite thingy, the weeds as you can see are there as thats what we are working on, half is done the other half i neeed to finish,but we love it
here is my little monkey kyle on there climbing frame, he is 3 now and the most stunning kid ever, ive been told by OLD friends that he isnt as good looking as my eldest but i think both my boys are absolutely stunning!!!
here is alex he is a stunner too isnt he lol, however no more stunnig than kyle (despite other folks saying otherwise) sorry im being sensitive but i love both my boys just the same
my eldest alex has the crafting blood within him lol since he was about 4, he loves sticking and all things crafty, so i bought him a second hand craft desk, and have given him lots of my storage drawers etc and bought him new craft stuff, as daddy let me get some new things, we put him times tables poster up to help him with his maths as well, its in the early stages but this is how it looks now,
here is another random pis i took when we visited blackbrook zoo , i love pinks so i love this pic lol
 And here are my boys, all of them lol, my hubby dan of 13 years and my two beautiful boys, alex 6 and kyle who is 3
 i thought id share the love, i am feeling blessed, as i have an amazing beautiful family whom love me as i am, and fabulous friends who take me for what i am, and appreciate me,
here is meand dan the other day lol, nothing special, no makeup etc lol
 And one of my fantastic friends whom is soooo special to me
me and my sis on a karaoke night out lol yep im looking a bit yuk lol it was about 1am on this pic and as a mummy of two i am not used to be up at this time of night
Me and another extra close friend ang, we are so similar its crazy lol, we are drinkin a fab pitcher ther an it was £17 a go lol, but it was gorgeous!!!!!
 And last and most certainly best, both my boys when id taken them for a bike ride and fab tea supper at our local park

(you may think me sentimental but i have had alot of trouble with so called best friends treating me like something of the bottom of there shoe this last 18 months and i still dont know the full extent of there reasons for hating me sooo much. so every now and then i like to remind myself im not that nasty person they portrait me as)
I love my family my boys and my true and honest friends old and new, they are amazing and remind me that im actually a nice person, and not to doubt myself,
hugs sandra xxxxx


coops said...

fantastic pics sandra and your boys are little crackers.both look really cheeky and fun to be around and i find boys so loving, mine still loves his cuddles at 8.
so sorry you`ve been having probs with your friends.i would stick with the ones who mean the most to you.

xx coops xx

Trouble said...

Your family is lovely!!!!!!!!

Luv Jane XX