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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

The next chapter - Decking

Some of you may remember the photo's i have posted in the past about us completely redesigning our garden, when we moved in it was dangerous for children, rocky and on 3 different levels,

Bit by bit we have been working hard to make it a nice place for us to be and mainly safe for the kiddies and there friends,

I thought you were due some more updates lol

around the side and top edges we have put railway sleepers and bark in them, eventually im popping some nice planters there

Here is the base that dan
spent the whole day making, it took hundreds of nails/cuts and measurements but he carried on bless him and made it structurally sound. Here he has started putting in the decking with my help, we chose to do it diagonally too which was more work and time but looks much nicer, the space is massive, ive not measured it but its something like 3.5-5 metreNo post would be complete without our little helper who kept getting the hammer and pen trying to help, here alex is having a drink after all his hard work. getting in our way lol
We have actually finished the decking now as of sunday but ive not had chance to photograph yet, will update againg when i have them xxx



Victoria said...

Wow! i wish we had your skills to do something with our garden. Would be nice to look outside and see something we like!

Great pic of your little helper too.

Mr UPS is bringing your stash to me today so not much longer until you can get your mitts on it!


Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

that's one gynormous deck!!!! can't wait to see it finished!

hugs :)

coops said...

wow, its looking fabulous sandra.your garden looks massive ;D

xx coops xx