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Monday, 18 July 2011

Alex's first sports day

And its not how i remember lol, apparently the children arent allowed to do competitive sports anymore so that means No egg and spoon/3 legged race or any other race that i remember being so fun, now its all about working as a team and playing games and gaining points !!! now dont get me wrong team building is important but what sports day is complete without those fun races,

anyway never the less my alex was fabulous, here is is in the reception class race,

(and only race)

my little fella is 7th from the left

giving it some welly here bless him, he the littel fella just in front of the blonde haired girl with stripe on her joggers
Here is kyle entertaining himself in the net

and alex doing one of the games, it was a sort of long jump with a difference And here he has just ran super fast and is feeling super pleased with himself

in each activity they are scored points as a group and then at the end they are awarded 12t through 6th place, alex was in the team CHINA which came 2nd overall so he was pretty chuffed, ive always taught him that you dont have to win everything as long as you try your best thats great, he still struggles with that one a bit and is competative at times but then he is 5 so what can you do lol,



Sheila said...

Lovely pics Sandra and looks like you had lovley weather too! I used to love Sports Day when my 2 were wee but suppose I now have to wait for grandchildren to go again! Will Sports Day still exist I wonder? Happy crafting, Sheila:)X

coops said...

fabulous pics sandra.glad your little man enjoyed his sports day.
i know what you mean about boys being competitive, my little man is very head strong and like you we try to teach him that the taking part is all that matters.

xx coops xx