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Thursday, 6 December 2012

A little something from me

Hi guys
Im so sorry to be a crappy blogger!! im still so busy with my work, and ptfa etc etc, its our school fayre tomorrow eve and i have a jewellery stall there, which i cant run as im at work lol, my sister is watching it for me till i get there lol,
crikey ive worked my guts out for 15 years and drove myself nuts with the excessiveness of my work, but nothing like now lol, the phone is never switched off and i always have phonecalls/emails to make etc lol,
anyway i thought id share a couple of pics with you and a creation i have made that was for an order i managed to squeeze in.
Firstly i wanted to share my boys with you, they were hanging the last xmas decs on the tree, they mainly decorated it themselves, the tinsel is all over the place but thats where they put it and isnt christmas all about the kiddies?
we went with silver and purple this year and i have lovely glass decs for the tree with the odd handmade dec that the boys have made as they always go on no matter what the colour scheme, id decorate the whole thing in my boys creations if i had enough!!!
Here is a pic of me with my dad and sister from this last weekend out on the town lol, I am the fattest one if you didnt know lol, i cant shift the weight!!! but then i love my food so its probs my own fault lol,
And here is a creation for the order, they wanted something guitar lol, and its for a chap ive made for 3 yrs on the trot, and one of those were already guitar lol so thought id do something different, again its plain but i have NO crafty time at the min so this is all i had time to make,
I hope that was a bit of a decent post from me lol,
im off on my last holiday of the year saturday morning, we are going to a lodge at slayley hall, so i have 2 fancy massages booked and hubby id going quadding with the eldest lad, there is a sauna jacuzzi and spa in the lodge we are in and we are with excellent friends and thier kids. we have a theatre trip organised as well, and of course lots of fun and games,
i may not be about again for another week as internet connection in cumbria in dodgy weather may be tricky lol
hugs xxx 


Sherryn said...

Dont burn yourself out Sandra. Its not worth it. gosh your boys have grown, I remember it seems like yesterday that you posted on the trimmie site that your youngest had been born. have a great christmas and take it easy xx

Caroline said...

Gorgeous photo's. Take care hun. Caroline xxx