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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Our lovely jubilee celebrations

Crikey !!!! what a lot of fun we have had during the jubilee celebrations, myself and my family had 3 different jubilee functions, the ptfa at school of whick im a part of organise a large due at school,
we had the playground transformed with bunting made by the kids, and lots of decoration everywhere it took us all day to keep the kids entertained and re arranging the tables throughout the day,
 here is one of the cake tables, this is the one i was standing at lol and we had another one as well, most of the cakes were donated either handmade or shop bought it was amazing,
then there was one on our local green, and here are some pics from my friends joint celebration with the neighbours, there were friends on both sides so we knew most people one way or another lol,
here is a pic of me and my lovely friends donna and dawn, (im in the middle) a thorn between two roses lol
And here i am with dan my hubby, considering he was forced to wear that party hat he looks rather pleased lol,
 and me an the girls again lol later that eve, donna looks ready to flop doesnt she lol, she wasnt tho she just has a habit of closing her eyes in pics lol,
to be honest im glad its over lol as im sooooo tired, we just have our school fayre to organise now for july lol

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coops said...

brilliant pics sandra.looks like it was a lot of fun.

xx coops xx