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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Here's what ive been upto !!!!! long post alert lol

Hi folks
i thought as id not shared many crafty things with you id share some other things instead, ive had my first large wedding invite order which has taken alot of time lol, ive only just managed to keep on top of my dt duties,
Anyway here is what ive been doing!!! alex and i made some double choc chip muffins sunday just gone, they didnt crack well on top but they tasted yummy!!!
 Here is a cheeky one of kyle who just turned 3, he goes to bed every night with nemo, which was alex's teddy since he was one, but kyle has grown extremely fond of him so alex gave it to him, isnt that lovely? nemo has to get a kiss and cuddle every night too,
Here is a piccie of my girls night out last weekend, we had a fabulous time, in particular me and my close friend ang as we love our cocktail pitchers lol, it was scrumptious but then at £18 a jug it should be lol,
Here is my hubby and me in the ice bar in london, which we went to in march for our anniversary, it was our 7th anniversary, but we have been together almost 13 years!!!! my where does the time go to hey???
Here is a pic of the funky glasses which are made of ice also, it was minus 7 degrees in the bar and all that purple in tha nack ground was ice too, it was amazing and we shall definately go again,
here is a fab pic of the bar, isnt it gorgeous???
and another of me and daniel,
Ok so if you are a clean freak you may want to avert your eyes lol, this is my eldests bedroom!!!! it was tidy when he went to bed, then when i went in to him the next morning this is what i found!!!!!
it took me over an hour to clean this up again, and some stern words with him to take better care of his things lol
I thought id show a little crafty pic of some of my new stamping up ribbons lol just to show you im here in spirit lol
 So if your still with me lol i know that was alot for you to look at but thought id share my last month with you lol, and boy where you lucky there could have been many more pics for you but i narrowed them down lol

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Carly said...

mmmm yummy muffins!

Hey we just went to an icebar here in Melbourne (Australia) a couple of weeks ago ... wasn't as good as yours looks though.

Happy anniversary!

xoxox Carly