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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

My garden partie piccies - danger some drunken piccies lol

As some of you may know we have almost finished our garden at the back, we have now completed the large decking area, and to celebrate we had a pretty big party, It started as it always does, folks outside having a chat listening to some music and the kiddies playing

Here is one of my best friends claire with her fella andy, (my other best friend claire and her hubby andy didnt make it,yep ive 2 friends with same name and hubbys same name boy does that get confusin lol)

Here i am with clairemy other friend gemma with her fellaMy kyle nicking breadsticks bless himA slightly more drunken piccie of my mum,sister cousin and me Us singing on the good old karaoke, this always comes out as everyone i know loves singing on it even if they are tone deaf as am i at timesMy hubby dan after a few mojito's
Hope they made you smile, we took loads of piccies but i chose a select few to show you, we have our fireworks party in november which is a yearly thing and loads of people come to that as my hubby gets brill fireworks and im in charge of the food lol,

will show you piccies from that too if you have the stomach for it lol



Jenni said...

Looks like you had loads of fun Sandra, thanks so much for the great plug in your last post!

Merry said...

Looks like a very happy and fun time Sandra. Thanks for sharing the photos.