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Friday, 28 May 2010

what a sad day

Today has been one of "those"days, my husbands aunty mary passed away last thursday and today was her funeral, she was a wonderful lady and will be sadly missed by many,

she was fine a couple of months ago but was diagnosed with 3 brain tumours 6 weeks ago and had a rapid decline, i suppose in some ways that was best as they were too far gone by the time they were found and it saved her being in pain for a long time, but she was only 64 so far too young,

sorry to be so morbid guys but thats how i feel today,

on the upside the weather has been lovely and my hubby took me out for lunch after the wake and we chatted about aunty mary, so was really nice,
and i thought i would share this lovely picture with you that my 4 year old drew, i love it and it really cheered me up, its one of his lovely butterflys he loves to draw.

Anyway i hope everyone is having a lovely long weekend? we are very busy here trying to re arrange our bedroom so we can tidy,

see you soon xx


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lalkygirl said...

hi sandra
so sorry to hear your sad news,i love the butterfly pic your little one did for you,guaranteed to make you smile,
hope you have a peaaceful weekend.
take it easy
tracey x