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Saturday, 14 March 2009

just a chat

Im finally a free woman lol, friday the 13th was my last shift before i started my maternity leave and im so happy about it, the last month at work has been really hard as i have sciatica and symphasis pubis disorder which is really bad pelvic pain in pregnancy, im actually going to have the full year off this time before i go back so i can spend plenty of time with my son and new baby.

As i work for the nhs my job kept me on my feet all day so it really aggravated my symptoms, my hubby even said to stop work early a few times but i managed to work through it which made me feel quite proud of myself lol.

Now you might think to yourself that means much more time to craft, but you would be wrong lol, my nursery needs decorating and i mean gutting lol and i need to get loads of stuff sorted for having baby, plus i already have a 3 years old boy who takes up most of my time bless him.

Im still going to try to get some challenges done and do have a few card to make for my own use so have to make sure i get the time to do those, and its my anniversary on wed 18th march so need to finish that card first.

So enough from me just felt like sharing some thoughts with you an i will post another card ive made at some point over the weekend.



Sarah-Jane said...

Woo Hooo !! How exciting getting ready for a brand new baby !! when I had mine I worked until the week before in a hot kitchen as my job only gave me SMP :( so then I could have my time off with my new babies, It's so nice ot know you have finished and can enjoy your little boy before baby comes too. Hugs Sarah-Jane xx

sandra tomlinson said...

thanks, yeah im so relieved to be done, i suppose im lucky to get mat pay thru work?

Emma said...

Woo hoo work all done and dusted...
not long until baby born, enjoy your time.
Emma x